Our objective is to act in accordance with our visions and concepts to find out the needs of our customers , to meet their requirements and to ensure they are satisfied with the cooperation of our company. The company's growth is based on a customer-driven strategy. We are also focused on the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services and on further diversification of our sales and production programme to provide our customers with a broad range of products, of highest quality, and a guarantee of the best level of our service.

"A-Lima-Bis" Ltd is located in Sroda Wlkp., Poland.  It was established by the Polish investors, who have been running and managing the company with the full personal responsibility since then. "A-Lima-Bis" Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment for milk handling, storage, cooling, collection, transport and treatment  -  systems and technologies for the food processing industry, in Poland. The  company supplies dairy farms, dairies and food processing industries as well as other sectors of industry.

The sales and production programme of "A-Lima-Bis" Sp. z o.o. can be easily described by the motto of the company: "Milky Way To Success". Our offer includes: milking systems, herd management systems, cooling tanks, systems and trucks for milk transport and collection, membrane filtration technologies, milk treatment equipment, whey and milk drying systems and weighing and packing lines for loose forms of milk. We are also experts in the production of the best quality whey powder and protein concentrates, which are manufactured in our own powder plant in Gora, PL.

"A-Lima-Bis" is an engineering company, owning its modern production and assembly work-shop, run by the highly -qualified staff of engineers. A-Lima-Bis also owns  a powder plant in Gora, processing 150,000 - 200,000 literes of whey  per day where HACCP system is implemented. Since 2002 we have been working in  accordance to ISO 9001:2000 standards. The company is also closely bound with foreign partners cooperating with them now for many years.

 "A-Lima-Bis" is also the exclusive representative of American company FISCHBEIN and for over ten years has been offering a wide range of closing equipment like sewing machines, sealers and gluing machines. Apart from that "A-Lima-Bis" is the supplier of complete weighing and packing lines for many sectors of industry including  feed, fertilizers, seeds, food, chemical, dairy industries, and flour production.

Many years of hard work has resulted in gaining a good reputation for quality and innovation, a strong position, and rapid growth. During its history, "A-Lima-Bis" has been awarded various prizes for the high quality of goods and technologies and for its effective market activities and  strong position. Among many important medals and distinctions, the most outstanding is "The Minister of Agriculture and Country Development Cup for great achievements in improving of the quality of milk in Poland", "Gold Medal of Poznan International Fair", "The prize for the best medium company in Wielkopolska" and also the Certificate of Highest Quality. The Chairman of the Board of "A-Lima-Bis" - Mr Tadeusz Łuczak was awarded a title - AGROBIZNESMAN in 2004.

All equipment as well as whey powder and other dairy products meet all local and global quality and safety standards. We also experienced in dealing with foreign partners and all export procedures are well known by us so that all contracts and projects run by our company are perfectly prepared and organized.

MILKY WAY TO SUCCESS - this motto assigns tasks aiming at improving all technologies and equipment to make the way milk have to pass from the farmer to the final customer the most effective, short and modern. Over 12 years in the dairy and food industry has given us opportunity to meet a range of milk and food processing requirements to meet all the specific demands of our customers. We look forward to sharing our expertise to provide you with the best milk and food processing techniques and dairy products of the highest quality.

P.P.H.U. A-LIMA-BIS Sp. z o.o.
ul. 27 Grudnia 5, 63-000 Środa Wielkopolska, PL
tel.(+48) 61 28-538-61, fax.(+48) 61 28-669-60
e-mail: info@alimabis.com.pl